About Chris Alleyne-Levy

Chris Alleyne-Levy, Menlo Park Photographer

I enjoy photography for many reasons, but mostly because I love making people look great.

Makeup and top-shelf clothing are nice elements to have, but they're the soul of an image. It sounds cliche, but it's what's inside that counts. Everybody has the potential to look great, they just need help finding it.

Therefore, when behind the camera my job is to facilitate a relaxing environment for those in front of the lens. I try to connect with my clients because once they open up, we have the potential to make great art together. It's so rewarding when I can take with someone who doesn't feel photogenic and help them see the beauty within themselves.

About My Style

I would describe my style as warm, intimate, and journalistic. I seek to capture the essence of the moment, and leave the viewer with an impression of the subject's personality.

"Etched in Pixels"

Some people have asked why I chose the name "Etched in Pixels." I thought about choosing something based on my name, but it's just too darn long and hard to spell. Really though, it's about the idea behind my photography. We live in a post-film world. As a society we take more photos than ever, but how lasting are these memories when we don't even keep our cameras around for very long anymore? A photo tends to get instantly buried under the next one we post to our feed.

I want to bring back some of the love that we used to have for the art. I don't want to create emphera, I want to take your memories and make them last forever, recorded in the pixels of my camera sensor. I want to apply the same love we used to use when capturing on film.

Random Facts.

I hold degrees in anthropology, biochemistry, and molecular biology. I'm a french horn and trumpet player, kayaker, boba snob, and street taco aficionado. I dabble in web design and programming. I like how 5th Edition puts the focus back on story. Picard is the captain I grew up with, but I think Sisko is more badass!
(Feel free to discuss or argue any of these points with me during our session.)

Images seen here are available for purchase in a variety of formats.

You can also find me at Photographer Central.