All images receive basic enhancement. Premium enhancement is provided free for a certain number of images, depending on your session type.

Basic enhancement

Optimizing contrast, brightness, and tone for all images.  It should be noted that the first shot was taken under poor lighting conditions, with no makeup.  It was also underexposed (that was the only correction done to the image at left).

Premium enhancement

Masking ("airbrushing") blemishes, acne, and stray hairs.  Teeth are whitened.    This is included in many of the packages listed here.

Going back to the first sample, let's work some magic!  This was an impromptu shoot with a friend, so she wasn't wearing any makeup.  But that's not a problem.  We can add a few things to make her portrait really pop.  Note that the last photo is actually a little overdone.  I dialed it back a little in the end.


Black and white, vintage, or cross-processing are just a few of the effects that can be added.  These can be requested when you select photos for premium enhancement.