• T-shirts and sweatshirts don't look very good.
  • For headshots and fine-art portraits: I recommend simple dark clothing with long sleeves. 
  • For couple/group sessions: simple, solid colors that complement each other. 
  • For groups/families: don't all wear the same thing (eg white t-shirt and jeans). You can pick one person (like one of the children) and have them wear a nice outfit. Everyone else will coordinate with the child but not each other. So if you have a little girl with a pretty dress with blue, yellow, and black tones, dad could wear something with yellow. Mom can wear something with blue.
  • Not to be heternormative, but dresses do look nice!
  • Probably best not to let your kids choose what they'll wear (work together).
  • People often choose a light top and darker pants.  Some contrast is good, but extreme contrast is not.
  • Avoid very bright, vibrant colors and complex patterns.
  • You may wish to think about where you will display your portrait. What colors would fit that location?

Makeup and Hair

  • There may be some retouching involved, but there's only so much I technology can do.  Retouching is like virtual makeup, but the results are not as natural as those achieved with the real thing.  
  • In other words, everyone should pay extra attention to their appearance.
  • Even men can benefit from a little foundation!
  • As with clothing, avoid bright headbands/hairclips.
  • A little hairspray can help control stray hairs.
  • Bring some combs and makeup in case you need a touch up during the session. Wet-naps to clean up kids.


Props are great!  They will add a new dimension to your photo.  I want to reveal something about your personality, so please bring them!

  • you can find prop suggestions at my Amazon store.
  • musical instruments
  • athletic equipment
  • costumes
  • Huge Scrabble tiles like this one if Scrabble is your favorite board game.


Take a look at some posing ideas at my Pinterest Page.